Animal well being - Ethics

Skinnwille buys skins from large parts of the world. We primarily use animals
which are bred as meat animals. We then further refine the skin that would
otherwise be discarded. We want the animals to feel good and work mainly
with the following points.

  • They must have access to good feed and clean water.
  • They must live in an environment adapted to them.
  • Short transport times for the animals
  • At slaughter, only humane and regulated methods may be used.
  • Skinnwille does not allow any breeder to use mulesing.


We constantly work with our suppliers to achieve the least possible impact on our
nature. This applies to tanning, dyeing process, transport and working environment.
We use the Eco product label and Eco-tan.

ECO Product

  • Organically tanned leather.
  • All agents used in tanning and finishing comply
    basic EU directives on environmental protection.


  • 60–70% of the water is reused
  • All dyes are reused.
  • The agents used are carefully selected for the least possible impact on nature
  • The dyeing process is automated to make the production flow more
  • sustainable for the environment

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