It was during the early years of the last century that history began. Geron Wilhelmsson, born in 1896 and the son of a farmer, wanted to live off what the surroundings could provide. When Falbygden was the most densely populated part of Sweden and the supply of raw hides was good, he soon saw how he could earn his living. In 1922, he started his first company in Falköping and the rumor about the fine products spread quickly across the area. The business expanded as demand increased and skilled professionals were hired to process the skins. In 1934, Geron expanded its operations with stores in Gothenburg and Nora, at the same time as both imports and exports gained momentum. Today, Skinnwille buys skins from large parts of the world and the products have been developed and refined.

The company is now run by the third generation with resellers all over the world.

The love of the material and the craft is the same now as then.

Many ask how Skinnwille got its name. Put together Skinn and Wilhelmsson, and you have the answer. On the farms in the past, they simply said "Now comes Skinnwille" Sheepskin, goatskin, cowhides are natural materials used by humans through the millennia. The unique properties of sheepskin are difficult to find anywhere else. They warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. Two skins are never the same, which makes each skin unique in its shape and texture.

The popularity of the materials continues to increase to our great joy.

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